About Us

It all started in my early days thanks to my grandfather (pictured).
He loves olive tree like it was a “family member”.
I remember once when I was a kid and harvest arrived I used a wooden stick to get the olives off the branches as it was quicker with the result of him going mad at me and when asking the question  “why?” the answer was simpler than I could think of,  “now imagine that I will do the same on you, how would you feel?”
Very true “Nonno”, you never did that to me but what you have done is giving the passion that you had for the wonderful and ancient product.
Today I still look at the olives flowers during spring and at the actual olives during harvesting with the same emotion and little grin that I vividly remember your expression did.
Thank you “Nonno Pasqualino”
Danilo Manco


Originally from Puglia (south Italy) a region with 60 millions olive trees and that accounts for almost 50% of the entire Italian production of Olive Oil it is easy to understand how I found myself involved with Olive Oil being this our main agricultural resource.
Apulia Blend Ltd T/as The Olive Oil Co has been created in 2001, few years after decided to move over to London.
I missed my life ingredient so much (back then you could not really find good Extra Virgin olive Oil in the Uk) that I started importing it for my own use until most of the friends around me ask me for a bottle.
Before long I decided to open a retail stall in London's Borough Market in 2001 and from there it has been a   continuous growth by supplying the top Olive Oil selection to restaurants and deli in the UK.