"Chiaroscuro" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


"Chiaroscuro" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Cold press
mid October - November

The De Robertis CHIAROSCURO Extra Virgin olive oil is made from the highest quality, carefully selected, coratina olives, producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. CHIAROSCURO EVOO is characterized by a very low acidity degree and very high polyphenol concentration value. We do not blend our oil with other cultivars. This attention to detail and quality is what produces the highest amount of health benefits from De Robertis EVOO.
Free fatty acidity is a direct measure of the quality of the oil, and reflects the care taken right from blossoming and fruit set, our good storage practices, (helping to prevent oxidation), to the eventual consumption of the oil.
Year over year our polyphenol, (antioxidants), levels are extremely high. Polyphenols in olive oil are natural antioxidants that create resistance to oxidation. They have been shown to have a host of beneficial effects from healing sunburn to lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of coronary disease.
The higher the polyphenols the higher the antioxidants!
The Coratina varietal is one of the most important Italian olive varieties. Coratina is widely appreciated among olive oil connoisseurs for its strong, persistent and spicy character.

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Close the bottle after use and keep it in a cool place, away from heat or light source