Napoli Green Olives (3.5kg drained weight)


Napoli Green Olives (3.5kg drained weight)


The fruit is washed in lye, or caustic soda, for a period of up to 12 hours. This is what takes the bitterness out of the olive. It is, then, continually washed in fresh water to remove the lye. Once there are no traces of lye left, the olive is either refrigerated or canned. This process is evident by its intense green color and sweet flavor. This olive can be cured in standard brine fermentation for about three months, changing its color (to a greenish-brown) and flavor.

Also known as Cocktail Olives these green olives are popular at the bar while sipping in a drink or served at the table as appetizer. Name: Napoli Olives

Country of Origin: Italy


Standard case sizes:

They come in brine in tubs of 3.5Kg (drained weight)


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