A selection of articles that talk about us.

Speciality Food Magazine

We offer you an article taken from the Specialty Food Magazine that describes the philosophy and production line of our company

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Borough Market Website

The page dedicated to our shop on the official Borough Market website

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Olive Oil Times

7 Great Places to Buy Olive Oil in London.
The English capital may not have the most Mediterranean of climates, but when it comes to providing quality olive oil to its denizens, London really knows what it’s doing. Here, we discover...

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Vivi Londra

Avete presente Borough Market? Stiamo parlando del più grande e importante mercato gastronomico di Londra, un'infinità di stand con le più disparate scelte alimentari: dai dolci per vegani ai formaggi francesi, passando per le specialità orientali e, naturalmente, tanti prodotti italiani. Chi vuole comprare Made in Italy di prima qualità, spesso non hanno altra scelta...

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The best olive oils in the UK and where to buy them?
I’m putting myself into the casual olive oil consumer’s shoes and, reminding the time when I dazzled by hundreds of different options of variety, brand, and, having no idea which extra virgin olive oils to pick. Simply, we try out and hope for the best.
In this article, we are going to investigate the best olive oils in the UK market...

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